Seed School Kibera started in the year 2007. This was courtesy of the efforts of Aouki Patrick and some youths. There were also two Canadian students by then studying at the Mac Master University in Canada. They Were Meghan Bruni and Rebecca Nadarajah.


We have been assembling beads, recycled bone curvings to produce necklaces, earrings and bracelets for the sole purpose of selling to raise some fast and direct income to support the school activities.

The children from the SEED School also spend most of their free time and especially during the school holidays and weekends to entertain the community and participate in various functions. This ensures that they do not miss use their free time to get into drugs or the most common vices in the society.

We also strive to ensure that we offer them extra academic tuition in the evenings to broaden their minds more and bring up renewed understanding into whatever the y have already been taught. There has been the challenge of the children being able to get any extra curricula learning activities and exposure as currently we cannot a afford to take them for trips or teach them through any Audio visuals methods as there is no any projector or television which they can be taught with.

We hope this will be possible sometime soon and with the current ongoing developments across the globe, we are also anticipating that we can be able to socially invest in some information technology items such as computers to give them an opportunity to learn how these gadgets are operated and the technological approach in using these. When our repairs at the school will be formally complete we will have a room designated for computer laboratory and maybe internet connectivity and a room for maybe LCD project viewing to for learning purposes.

Sources of income

  1. Sales of the artifacts
  2. Donations from well-wishers
  3. Support for specific programs such as the feeding program
  4. Events and activities organized for fundraising such as the annual walk that we conduct in December after the third term of the schools calendar. This year will be our second walking event and will take place on the 30th Day of November 2013