The Seed Films (S.F)

I am currently pursuing a course in film-Making journalism and Mass communication. Am very certain that someday I will be able to go through it all to graduation. I chose to do all this because of the great passion and desire that I have in filmmaking and creating journalistic stories about the activities and happenings within our surroundings. Despite still being away from completion I am very much pleased to not that I have already developed a strong network of young potential and energetic youths who also bear the urge and desire to tell the stories and experiences in their lives and the surrounding environment around them.

Despite lacking even the most basic equipment we have already been able to try in producing some video of our drama, dances poems and even short acts depicting the lives around us. We greatly anticipate that someday we will be able to obtain some equipments for filming and audio productions to enable the youths unleash their actual skills and talents which will lead to some commercialization of the actual out come to raise funds to support the running of this initiative. Despite being a student currently I am well capable of filming for music videos, weddings and covering of events as a cameraman. I do not keep my knowledge with me but also offer to teach others with interest and we share our knowledge whenever we meet.